3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


Details of services

  • The strength of our recommendations depends upon the customer’s portfolio strategy
  • We apply the breakout strategy- Buy above the level and Sell below the level
  • The positions opened at a time strongly depend on the client’s risk appetite
  • Our service includes a regular follow-up
  • Our service includes a one-to-one support
  • Our Propdesk Indices service covers all the relevant important news and economic data such as FED Minutes, ECB Monitory Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves
  • We provide the World Market Updates

Trading Instructions

  • Always trade in fixed lots and avoid keeping varying lots frequently for a single instrument
  • Properly follow all the recommendations
  • Kindly follow the Stoploss in each and every trade as it is an integral part of risk management and exit the trade as soon as the price touches the Stoploss
  • Book partial, i.e., 50% recommended while the rest depends upon your risk appetite. Moreover, keep revising the Stoploss to Cost so that your position never goes in the loss